The Best of the Dells

Darling I Know 2:30
Dreams of Contentment 3:04
Oh, What a Night 2:56
Pain in My Heart 3:07
The (Bossa Nova) Bird 2:50
Stay in My Corner 2:55
O-O I Love You 3:21
There Is 3:33
Wear It on Our Face 3:25
Love Is So Simple 2:45
Stay in My Corner 6:13
Always Together 3:05
Does Anybody Know I'm Here? 3:19
I Can't Do Enough 3:35
I Can Sing a Rainbow/Love Is Blue 3:25
Oh, What a Night 4:06
Open up My Heart 6:33
Long Lonely Nights 2:31
Oh What a Day 2:49
The Love We Had (Stays on My Mind) 4:52
The Glory of Love 3:54
Give Your Baby a Standing Ovation 4:37
My Pretending Days Are Over 4:14
I Miss You 4:25
I Wish It Was Me You Loved 3:51
Learning to Love You Was Easy 3:19
We Got to Get Our Thing Together 4:16
Slow Motion 4:09
Our Love 5:06
Betcha Never Been Loved (Like This Before) 4:58
Private Property 3:10
Super Woman 3:08
I Touched a Dream 5:20
Passionate Breezes 5:37
Stay in My Corner 6:27
A Heart Is a House for Love 6:08



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